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 Gabriel A. Gomez 

Gabriel “Gabo” Gómez grew up around dogs his entire life. Due to his childhood passion, he went on to rescue dogs, become a certified groomer while training dogs for friends and neighbors. He was so determined to impact the canine industry at a larger scale that he went on to become a licensed trainer by attending Triple Crown Academy/Starmark Academy for several months in Texas, USA; where he became proficient in areas such as, but not limited to: Obedience, Protection, Search and Rescue, Detection (Narcotics and Explosives) and in several sport related areas like Schutzhund, French Ring, KNVP, etc.He went on to join DOGS, THE INCREDIBLE DOG SHOW, as one of the main attractions, which has allowed him to travel around the world, while working and training alongside some of the best dog trainers in the world to date. Said privileges has allowed him to appear on television segments such as El Gordo y La Flaca, Sabado Gigante, and several other programs too numerous to mention. He continues to educate himself by attending seminars (as well as hosting them), and additional trainings with certification requirements (obtaining his Decoy Certification from Gonzohaus K9 Services, based out of Miami, Florida). Furthermore, he has embraced the mentorship of the likes of Master Trainers Eric Gonzales (Famed for his governmental K9 experience) and Omar Von Muller (Famed for studio animals who became the first annual “Golden Collar Award” winner in 2012 with renowned canine artist UGGIE the Jack Russell). Ultimately, he established UNSTOPPABLE K9’s, which is family owned and operated, in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico) and now in Texas, which also currently extends to Miami Florida as a merger with GK9S.    

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